Virgin Territory – Nicki Blue, PD

Genres: BDSM, Anal Penetration, Ass Whipping, Breast Flogging, Breast Groping, Breast Whipping, Breath Play, Caning, Celebrator, Cock Sucking, Dildo, Drool, Face Slapping, Fingering, Flogging, Foot Caning, Hair Tie, Inverted Suspension, Legs Spread, Metal Bondage,
Video language: English

Nicki Blue. No man has ever been inside of her but she wants that to change soon. She has always fantasized about what kind of things a sadist would do to her. When she lies alone at night the dark thoughts that creep into her mind excite and arouse her. She does not have a lot of experience with BDSM or kink in general, but she is very anxious to get started. For a girl who has yet to be deflowered she performs like she has been suffering in service for years.

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