Video of Girl Girl tribbing Billie T & Tiffany

Release Year: 2020
Video language: English

Billie pulls down Tiffany’s bra, encountering the delights of inverted nipples for the first time. “Spread your legs for me.” Billie sits on her knees below Tiffany, looking up through the tight curls of her full bush. Tiffany’s hairs tickle Billie’s nose as she plunges her face eagerly inside, hungrily licking till Tiffany’s pale skin flushes red. “Oh God, that feels so good!”“Maybe we should talk about your lady parts and how they like to be touched!” Few people could flirt so outrageously and still be charming but Billie can, her teasing eyes alive with excitement as she slides her smooth legs open in a blatant display of sexual need and white panties. Moving to the arm of the sofa, Billie continues to touch herself, plunging a hand into her own knickers. Tiffany slides her naked foot closer, squealing in excitement yet otherwise unable to move, transfixed by the strip tease and masturbation in front of her. With a cat like reflex, Billie flies to her arms and in a hot embrace they begin kissing. “I feel like I’m being seduced by a mermaid!” Billie stands on the sofa, her puffy nipples throbbing with excitement as Tiffany snakes between her legs, her long hair teasing the sensitive skin. Tiffany’s hands find the spot and soon Billie is gasping in pleasure, grasping the window ledge in order to stay on her feet.

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Duration: 45:18
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