Two Feet For Two Slave Girls – Fidelity and Submission – Full HD 1080p

Valeria loves when her slaves obey her every order, she loves submission and fidelity. She sits on the couch and uses one slave as a table for her legs and another as a table for her cup of tea. When her footrest started to move and cause her discomfort, Valeria get nervous and insult the red-headed slave girl. She orders her to kiss and clean her high heel shoes and then sniff them inside. The slave girl obeys but something doesn’t like her Mistress and Valeria begins to teach her how to clean her Mistress’ shoes. Then she lays her head up on the floor and wipes her sweaty feet on the face of a miserable slave girl. Valeria doesn’t like that the slave girl doesn’t clean her soles well, since the slave girl uses little saliva and she spits in her mouth. Valeria wipe her feet on the face of a red-haired slave girl and at this time her second slave girl accidentally knocks over a cup of tea. Valeria shout at her and hits with a whip and orders to bring a chair for her feet. She lays her feet on a chair and both slave girls begin to worship her beautiful sweaty feet. They whine as pets to show how they like serving their Mistress. Valeria laughs at them as miserable creatures, sometimes playing with them and pushing a stick into the mouth of a brunette slave girl. Valeria is bored and she orders to remove the chair and pushes her foot deep into the mouth of the red-haired slave girl, after which she pushes her into the corner because her feet have become clean. The brunette slave girl did a good work and Valeria even stroked her head as an obedient good-natured pet.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:17
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 15149kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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