The Worst I Can Be part 1

I was out for a few shoots there, and I was ready to sink my meathooks into some tender young flesh…metaphorically…I guess it’s a good thing we had Sindee Jennings booked…she ended up being able to tolerate one of the toughest series of scenes that I’ve ever put together…I didn’t really know her well at all…I knew she was a squirter, but I didnt know how far I would be able to go with her…So, it was a very good day…I discover in the first scene how submissive she is as I direct her into positions…she moves quickly and listens well…I like that a lot…but I still pull her feet into the air for some bastinado…I pull her off the ground, into a spread legged suspension…she hangs there for 10 minutes as I allow her to cum…she earned those orgasms for certain, but they are the last I allow her…some nightmarish nipple clamps in that scene…and I really like the hanging target for whipping…she’s so helpless to my dragon’s tail…The back rack with stretching leaves her tummy wide open for my huge flogger..and the final suspension has become a new favorite of mine…but I doubt many models will be able to deal with it like Sindee…A big thank you to her for letting me be the worst I can be…and once again, Nikki Nefarious provides top notch rigging.

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