Please Forgive Me, My Queen

Release Year: 1990
Studio: Acceed
Genres: Asian, FemDom, Strapon, BDSM, Bondage, Waxing

"The Ultimate Hentai Strange M Men" is bathed in humiliation called "Reward" to the opponent "Sm Club Acting Queen!"
A pro-fighting writer Kota Takahashi who is hot buzz with exposure addiction, Ya Rarer to the Queen who is invincible on the ring!
Merciless baptism with him on Sm first appearance! Give a whip to the whole body and attack the candle like folding over the injured body! Full body clothes!
Furthermore, I will blame you with my nose hook on my broken nose! ! Face, body, penis without towel ….
A slave pooch "Junpei ? Kyouichi" is a shy cry!
Two young people who turned into pooches, as well as bondage, candles, whips, crawl the ground and are like livestock!
In anal training I get a very thick dildo eel in the ass hole and I want a whip.
Two people who took care of licking the shoe solely for reward seek each other’s body to lick each other’s wounds ….
The more mature a man is the M man. I’ve got a gag in the "Atsushi" mouth restricted limbs and I can not even even speak a word!
Seriously beaten and frustrated body, saliva drips. Body is stained red wax with further wax and tie up her asshole to the fullest and gradually expand it.
In the end penalty band inverse anal! ! I can not stand this humiliation · · ·.
A Japanese boy "Kensuke" will be trained!
Tying her balanced body to a grille, she is trained with candles, whips, nipple clips, enema, anal trainer, whole body laundry scissors and spanking, that "Kensuke" changes into a figure that does not even exist.
Kensuke scream! Suspended saliva from the mouth with a restraint mask attached and hung upright. Although I reject it in words, my body ….

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