Nipple Punishment

We decide to take a different tack with Dana and try focusing on her big puffy nipples, clamping and strapping them until they’re red and sore. Of course we can’t resist getting a few strokes in on her thighs and ass as well… Hate is a slow, vile emotion that can sneak its way into the most tender of hearts. So when Dana says she hates Dru for hurting her, there’s only one response: Hurt her more. Dana may scream, cry, beg and sob when we’re whipping her, but the fact she keeps coming back seems to suggest one thing: she loves the whip. She’s back for some more, and she leaves with yet another lovely set of welts across her ass and back. When we find Dana wearing a slutty dress that’s slit up the back, putting her fat, bald cunt on display every time she bends over, it’s time for some severe discipline. Dru canes Dana into hysterics and then finishes up with the dressage whip. Dana didn’t do anything wrong this time, we just felt like caning her tits and spanking her ass. We add some electricity to the mix and give her thighs a bit of a jolt, and then continue with the cane.

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