Night24 – Acute pain

Genres: BDSM, Japan, Bondage, Caning, GangBang, Fisting, Piss in mouth, Torture, Spanking, Whipping, Wax, All Sex, Anal sex, DP, Cum Shots, Creampie, Bukkake
Video language: Japanese

She is blindfolded, hangs her hands and is whipped.
M’s accessory is hung at the end of her anal plug string.
While teaching the tongue usage with a blowjob, her teeth seemed to hit the cock and the ass was shot with an air gun as a punishment!
Her purple swollen butt is painful…
She has both ankles pulled by a chain block and is hung while upside down and screams.
Suspension continued, her head was pushed by her foot, and she was hung around in the air, and fellatio while she was hung.
However, her teeth hit the cock and she is slapped again.
Pierre gives her a small amount of urine to drink, thrust her head into the toilet bowl, and piss from her head.
In this state, the cock is thrust into the pussy and anal from behind and the faecal water is poured.
The cock inserted in the anal is thrust into the mouth and the piston is done violently to the back of the throat and the face is shot.
A woman who sheds tears and screams in a stupid cage…
To be clear, SEX is a bonus.
This video can only be recommended for those who feel and see torture.
A work that hurts too much

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Duration: 39:04
Video: 640×480, VP62, 1397kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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