Naive Teen Helps Convicted Black Felon Get Readjusted To Society! – Full HD 1080p

My penpal was an inmate named Branden. At first he sounded a little scary. The stories I read said he would wear this creepy mask and do really bad things to people….stole from them…hurt them…tortured them. I didn’t even want to write him at first but Im so glad I did. He responded so quickly and he is so sweet. He told me that he wasn’t responsible for the bad things they said he did and the more I researched him the more I realized that he was right! He had such a bad childhood and so many bad things happened to him that they didn’t even care about when they were trying to lock him up. His trial was not fair and they made up a lot of the things they say he did. I’ve watched so many shows on Netflix that Im actually an expert on spotting this stuff. And it was so obvious that the police were totally out to get him and they set him up. The man I’m writing would never hurt anyone!

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