Metal Cuffs and Pain – Shay Hendrix – Scene 7

Shay lights two teelight candles and places them under a work table before tying her ankles and thighs to the same work table. Next she eases the dildo of a fucking machine into her eager wet pussy and pulls her top down to expose her breasts then she bends over so her breasts fall between an open slot in the table top so the heat from the candles can work on her nipples. Finally Shay puts her wrists into a loop of rope hanging above her from a winch and operates the winch so the loop pulls tight and raises her arms. With her arms raised her head is forced down and her mouth onto a dildo which she greedily starts to lick and suck. Now the fucking machine slowly starts to slide the dildo in and out of Shays horny pussy, teasing her, then the machine starts to speed up until after some minutes the machine is ramming the dildo in and out of shay, forcing her to cum. Shay is fucked and forced to cum until the ice melts and her arms are released, but the sluty Shay leaves the machine fucking her as she waits to cum again !

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Duration: 13:00
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