HouseOfGord (SBI02) Escape from the House of Gord

Escape from the House of Gord, chronicles the ongoing saga of Celia’s training, starting with a rude awakening, as the device on which she spent the night turns out to be a human alarm clock, using her electrified body as the alarm. But she is not alone in her time of torment! All over the house the other shapely women are bound, gagged, sheathed, restrained, and tormented in all manner of diabolical dilemmas. The day drags on for Celia, as Karl has his wicked way with her before fitting her with an explosive collar and shackles, and then handing her over to the cook for menial duties. Fortunately for her, the Gords have failed to take into account Celia?s resourceful nature. A moment of carelessness on Gord?s part opens the door to a daring escape attempt for our intrepid damsel. But Celia is not leaving before she has rigged the remaining staff at the House of Gord in their own devices, and left them to a terrible fate of their own design. Hell hath no fury like a pissed off Celia, as Lady Serena and the cook find out.

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