Having Fun With a Slave Girl After a Walk – Full HD 1080p

Valeria goes to shops only with her slaves. Today she went to the market and took her slave girl anna with her. Someone must carry the bags .. Valeria returns from a market and leads a slave girl on a leash with a bag in her teeth. Valeria goes out to the common balcony at the entrance and breathes fresh air while the slave girl sits on her knees in front of her Mistress and waits for instructions. As soon as Valeria breathed some air and enjoyed the purchase, she took the slave girl anna home. When they entered the hallway, anna is ordered to take off her Mistress’s sneakers and give Valeria a foot massage. Valeria’s feet are sweaty and, accordingly, a strong smell of sweat comes from her sneakers. Valeria comes up with the idea to humiliate anna and she puts her sneaker on her face and wraps it in a film so that anna can breathe only sweat from the stinking sneakers. anna massages Valeria’s bare feet with a sneaker on her face and she laughs at her because for Valeria it is very funny. Then she puts her sweaty socks on anna’s head and leads her into the room. Valeria comes up with a new humiliating game and removes the sneaker from anna’s face. anna thanks her Mistress, because now she can breathe fresh air and not sweaty sneakers .. But anna was not happy for long because Valeria ordered her to lick her sweaty socks and then shove them into her mouth before playing with her like a pet and throwing them on the floor .. anna crawled on the floor and brought Valeria’s sweaty socks in her teeth. It was funny, but Valeria got tired of playing with this stupid slave girl because she still has sweaty bare feet. anna has to correct this situation and lick all the sweat from her Mistress’s feet. Valeria pushes her foot completely into the mouth of her slave girl and laughs in her face. As soon as Valeria’s feet and soles became clean, she drove her slave girl away, because she was no longer capable of anything but worship the feet of her beautiful and young Mistress.

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:02
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 15111kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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