Hardtied – Strong Sense Of Lust – CeCe Larue

CeCe sits in darkness. Her limbs are bound to the bed and she waits. He approaches her. His intentions are clear as he exposes her body. Her sweet ass and dripping cunt are held open before a big dildo is slammed in her pussy.

He rifles through her purse as she looks on. Her mouth is held agape with a ring gag. He finds what he was looking for. She brought with her the means of her own torment. She is tormented in various ways before getting an orgasm from a vibrator.

She had no idea that these depraved acts would turn her on so much. She’s tied in positions that make her cum harder than she has ever cum. It’s been an experience she won’t soon forget. She gets orgasms hard from getting a vibrator on her pussy and dildo in her ass.

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Duration: 43:11
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