Gabriella Paltrova – Crazy Ass Eating From Desperate Girlfriend

Release Year: 2020
Cast: Gabriella Paltrova
Genres: Extreme, Interracial
Video language: English

Gabriella is a lucky girl. Her man is a football player who she’s been dating since college. Through the ups and the downs, the injuries, the uncertainty…she stuck with him. And it’s paid off. Her boyfriend is now a pro football player. Which means Gabriella has everything that money can buy…and more.
But with her man gone across the country for weeks at a time…Gabriella gets lonely. Her man’s occupation has allowed her to make some new friends. And sometimes…Gabriella and those friends do some very naughty things. But Gabriella is careful. She always covers her tracks. Or so she thought….
Seem’s Gabriella wasn’t as careful as she thought. Someone knows her secret. And that someone is threatening to tell her man. Her man who gave her this fairytale lifestyle. Her man who would be pissed if he found out. They aren’t married. Everything is in his name…the cars, the house, the bank accounts. If he finds out….she’ll lose everything! The thought of it makes Gabriella makes Gabriella want to pass out.
She can’t let it happen. She won’t. The creep who wrote her the letter wants her to do something for him. He wants her to submit to him. He wants to use her….to punish her….or else he will expose her secret. Gabriella feels like she really doesn’t have a choice…she has to do whatever he says.

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Duration: 47:21
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Audio: 184kbps

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