Fun Turns into Punishment for Adara – Scene 2 – HD 720p

This clip starts where Part 1 ended. I leave Adara in JJ’s care for a while. JJ has untied the rope to the post and tells Adara to try and remove her own nipple clamps. Adara tries but only manages to pull on them. JJ plays with her cunt clamps before removing one and then the other after a little begging from Adara. When I return, I announce that I checked my messages and saw a vid where Adara is smoking. If that is not bad enough, she also tosses her butt on the ground and I feel quite strongly about littering. The fun part is over for Adara, which means no more hitachi and no more dildo play. Uncomfortable bondage, more clamps, and whipping are now in Adara’s immediate future. We leave the nipple clamps as I untie her ankles from the spreader bar and JJ keeps rubbing Adara’s oiled up and tan body. When she is finally untied, I immediately start tying her arms behind her back. JJ continues to play with Adara. She removes the vetwrap from around her head, that was used as a blindfold earlier, and gags her with it. I continue tying as JJ wraps her head with more vetwrap and then continues to poke and prod Adara. She orders Adara to spread her legs so she can slap her inner thighs. Soon after she wraps red electrical tape over the vetwrap, making it even more effective. By this time, I have her arms tied and cinched. Adara is placed face down with her face in one of her shoes. Adara’s ankles are tied to the post and then she is pulled back to the post into a back arching hogtie. JJ likes to play with shoes and places her heels under her tits. I continue tying her feet, while JJ teases Adara by sitting on the table in front of her with her legs spread, just out of reach for Adara, who is a gobbler of pussy. JJ picks up Adara’s shoes and uses the pointy heels to poke her tender soles with, as Adara yelps and moans. She then straps a wide belt around her gag and pulls her head back to it’s limit as I finish tying. This is where Part 2 ends.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:01
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Audio: 125kbps

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