Courtney Taylor bound to a 300lb 10×10 and suspended!

Welcome Courtney Taylor to Sexually Broken. Courtney is 5’10 with long legs and breasts. This girl was built for sex. With a beautiful smile, blond hair and tan body, Courtney is the definition of the perfect California girl.

One of the things Courtney loves is blow jobs, she loves sucking cock. She excels at sucking cock, she is a deep throat girl who has done numerous hard face fucking scenes. She just loves the feel of a cock down her throat. She always wins these battles, her throat can always outlast the guy, until today. Today she begs and pleads, today she meets her match, today she is sexually defeated and face fucked into subspace. Today is the first time she pleads "no mas" to cock. Yes we have over "cocked" a professional Porn Star.

You see, we found this beautiful 8 foot, 10 x 10, 300lb solid Redwood beam in the back of some random lumber yard. The second we saw it we knew what to do with it. Find a beautiful big titted blond, bind her to it, baby oil her amazing body, suspend the beam so the girl is hanging upside down to the beam and throat board her pretty face into submission. You got to love it when a plan comes together.

So there you have it, Courtney stuck to the beam, her huge breasts bound. The beam is suspended from the ground. Courtney’s sexy tan body is oiled and her mouth rests at cock height. We grab a vibrator hold it directly on her clit, then slide the hard cock into waiting mouth. What happens next is priceless, and really can’t be described with words alone. Massive multiple orgasms, brutal intense face fucking. You will see a complete overload, one that leaves our professional Porn Star begging and pleading for mercy.

If you ever wondered why we named the site Sexually Broken, then this update has your answer in spades. Do not miss the amazing Courtney Taylor and see how she becomes sexually destroyed…

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