Corrupting Her Innocence

Release Year: 2020
Cast: Arietta Adams
Genres: Feature Hardcore All Sex Anal
Video language: English

The scene begins when Rosie (Arietta Adams) arrives on another weekday to babysit.

The children’s father is Jack Harris, as always, warmly welcomes her. When Rosie remembers that she forgot her laptop to do her homework coursework, Jack easily suggests that she use her laptop before leaving for work. But when Rosie checks her laptop later, she is shocked to see porn on the screen. Of course, Jack didn’t want her to find it! Over time, more and more hints appear that something is wrong, although Rosie cannot understand it. When she’s in trouble with her boyfriend, Jack seems to be too eager to give her advice.

He’s so sexy and straightforward! Despite the fact that it embarrasses her, Jack manages to convince her that there is really nothing wrong with them being so free in their discussions … After all, they are both adults. Desperate to keep her boyfriend alive, she follows Jack’s advice about sex, though it only makes things worse. In fact, her boyfriend has already dumped her!
When she talks about this to Jack, he again forces her to talk about her personal life. Was she open in her personal life? Or was Jack a thought, slowly and surely, every time she came to look after the children?

The answer soon becomes apparent when Jack returns home, because the guy finally dumped her because he was bored in bed.
Well, in that case, he can have sex with her and teach her what guys really want …

Rosie doesn’t want to be alone forever, does she?

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