Declan Unloads On Jamie


Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Declan came to us more than a year ago a shy, bright blue-eyed 18 year old with a great smile and friendly personality. Well he’s back now, and though he’s still sporting those gorgeous eyes, that award winning smile, and that friendly personality, he’s long past any shyness!

He’s definitely gotten some experience and he’s her to show it off for one of the hottest coed scenes I’ve seen!

Paired with Jamie, it’s not hard to see just how good he’s giving it to her by just observing her reactions to his thrusts. He knows it too. Declan gives her a sexy smirk as he’s holding her up, pounding into her, that lets her know that he feels it and isn’t planning on relenting anytime soon. He puts that big cock of his to work and we finally get to see that hot body of his in action. I’ll tell you now- it was worth the wait!